Is branding like going to a bar?

Picture by Marvin Meyer

I would say you could get inspired going there.

Yesterday I had a talk with one of my clients about branding and the creation of that bond between brand and audience. Oh, dear branding, the universal word and term for corporate value, product affection, positions, and price tags. Branding has so many layers, which all of them are important to think about, of course, but here’s one about creating relations.

My client has recently re-branded his whole business. Now he’s trying to figure out how to get attention in the strong competitive beauty sector, create a community feeling, and a real connection to his audience. I said:

“You need to see your brand as the guy you just met in a bar. “

“You need to see your brand as the guy you just met in a bar. You fell into talk over a couple of beers, and you share the same values; he listens to you, he’s quite inspiring and engaging and buys you a couple of beers. In the end, you kinda like this dude. He could end up being your friend in the long run. Your brand is that guy you just met at the bar!” — I told him.

Be that new friend to your audience. Listen, engage, and inspire. Buy them a beer, tell the good stories, make them laugh, and show them something cool. Eventually, they will keep calling you to hang out.

Communicate with people — not to them.

Art Director & Brand Specialist